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Why Choose us?

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Why Choose Exa Education?

Exa education comprises academic counseling and different stages of admission procedures to various institutions over the world
We have helped many students realize their dreams of quality education across the globe.
Our role is to assist them in their selection of courses of study, you will get from us like as.....



  • Exa Education World staff has many years of experience helping Students go to study abroad
  • We Are qualified to interpret immigration laws and policy and advise you.
  • We are not totally different from others but we have few things those make us one of the best in market.

Granted Work

  • We are ethical, open and honest with every client
  • Depending on the case in question, we take a highly comprehensive approach in studying the case the providing the right guidance on the candidate's prospects. If at any point, we believe that the endeavor will not have a fruitful end we advice the candidates alternative methods of finding success.

Excellence in Service

  • Direct tie up with Colleges & Universities worldwide
  • Our team is well aware of immigration rules and with long list of international linkages we provide our students the best possible route for their better future.
  • We are experienced and competent to be able to communicate with the relevant immigration department, embassy and visa officers on your behalf.


Excellence in Service

  • High visa accomplishment status can be accredited to a number of factors counting the quality of our services and our counselors are experts in their field and also have professional experience.
  • Professional assistance and advice from experienced consultants
  • Our team of advisors is well qualified and has detailed knowledge of end-to end admission and immigration process with successful results. Instead of building a relationship of consultant and student we tend to form a team with the student which reduces the communication gap and build an environment of trust which results in the benefit of students in achieving their goals to build up their career.
  • Exa Education World conducts pre departure seminars to prepare the students before they leave for their studies.
  • Exa Education has placed lots of students in different destination



  • We are built upon honesty, integrity, commitment and quality of delivery
  • We are straightforward and efficient in the manner in which we deal with our clients
  • We are frank and honest about your prospects of success even before you retain our services.


  • We are straightforward and efficient in the manner in which we deal with our clients, candidates, and employees, always maintaining a high level of courtesy and respect.
  • We as consultants dealing Overseas Education believe that sending students abroad is not final thing that we should focus but guiding students for right education and right career must be focused. As career counselor we make careers and finally design many factors that ultimately make destinies.

Affortable Service

  • With a host of services offered in affordable packages, candidates go through no surprises at the time of payment. Depending on the extent of services you avail at exa education, students and working professionals pay a fee that covers a host of administrative and consulting fees
  • We represent great value for money with a guarantee of success.