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We will review your academic, professional, financial circumstances along with your future study & career plan. According to your needs, we will assist you in selecting suitable course, place of study & all other related issues. You will get proper guidance from us which will fully comply with the update visa requirements. We assess every individual student very carefully based on their educational qualifications, present status, English proficiency and financial strengths. We also provide students with prospectuses/application forms of our partner universities/colleges to help their decision making process as necessary.

University Selection:

Choice of University depends on many factors such as Grades requirements, University’s, ranking, Courses they offer, The extracurricular activities they offer & Population of International students- especially from Kenya just to name a few with first hand knowledge, Exa Education will give you the necessary guidance on all of the above.

Course Selection:

Universities annually change the course curriculums as dictated by the demands of emerging career needs which have future benefits to students.Exa Education has immediate access to these changes,as and when made before the information can reach the schools or get printed on prospectuses. Exa Educationgived guidance on alternative and/or allied courses as options for when students are unable to meet the requirements for admission to a particular University of Course.Detailed consultation and counselling is provided at the Exa Education office at no extra cost.

Admission & Correspondence:

We keep regular contact with all the partner universities/colleges. They visit our offices frequently during the year. You will get full assistance from us in completing / submitting application for admission. We will provide you list of necessary supporting documents. We will correspondence with the university/college regarding your application and collect your Offer Letter once your application is accepted. Once a student decides to apply for a course, he or she just needs to complete the enrolment form and give us all necessary papers. Thereafter, we take responsibilities for the admission procedure. We submit their applications to the universities/colleges and closely follow-up the status. Students obtain their Offer Letter/Letter of Acceptance from the university/college within a very short time after submitting their application.

Visa procedure:

We have long experiences in assisting students for applying for Visa. Our expertise in advising for “Student Visa” is among the best in the country.You will get extensive & proper guidance from us regarding your sponsorship issues.We will inform you about necessary visa requirements, how to fill the visa application form, what documents you will need to include with your application, how to apply & all other related issues.We will make sure that your visa application is submitted in good condition and have good chances for Visa.

Pre-departure Orientation:

When students are confirmed about your/their student visa, our briefing session will give you/them as much information as possible about essential documents you/they will need for immigration and passport control procedures, airport security, how to get around, financial matters, budget planning, health care, religion, and cultural differences. All these will make you comfortable in the new environment around you. After the excitement of the first few days or weeks, you may find yourself feeling homesick. The weather may be cold, damp and gloomy. The food may not be very appetizing. You may find people too busy to help. But the good news is that there are Bangladeshi communities almost everywhere and traditional foods are also available as there is demand for Indian spicy foods. However, Exa Education always provides a clear idea about the life of studying abroad.

Post Arrival Service:

Faster Pick-up:
We understand that arriving in a new country can be both exciting and a bit scary! This service is available only to new students who are studying in Malaysia from abroad for the first time. At the airport, you may have to wait with other students for a coach or taxi, and your transport may make a number of stops before you arrive at your destination. We estimate that you’ll arrive at your destination up to three hours after we’ve met you at the airport.

It is best to organize accommodation before arriving in any Country so you know you have somewhere to stay when you get here. If you have problems finding an accommodation this can be extremely challenging if you plan to study abroad and move to a foreign country. We support international students in their search for a room and serves as point of contact for questions concerning accommodation in Malaysia.

Part-time job support:
When you’re studying abroad, you may find that a part-time job can really help pay a few extra bills or fund leisure activities and travel that would have otherwise been outside of your budget. If you’ve been thinking of working whilst studying abroad, you’re not alone as many international students seek employment during their studies. Different countries have different regulations when it comes to work available to international students. We arrange part-time job for students according to country regulations, which should never interrupt studies.

Rapid Support:
Studying abroad is likely to be an exciting, enriching and fulfilling experience. But initially at least, it may also feel daunting and at times overwhelming. New international students have to adapt to a new place, new culture and perhaps a new language, all at the same time. Most universities however, have well developed support systems in place for international students. These are designed to make the study-abroad experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, from application all the way through to graduation. On the other hand we have skilled team members for supporting students anytime during the study period.

Visa Renewal:
Malaysia is fast becoming an education hub attracting students from Asia, Africa and the Middle East but recently many of them are finding it difficult to obtain visas or renew existing ones. Current students must renew their visa on an annual basis at least 3 months before their current visa expires. Now a day it’s become easy because we are here to support you with your Visa renewal as soon as possible.